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Carving out legacy assets: a successful tool for bank restructuring? – European Parliament

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Giovanni Ferri, Rosa M. Lastra | March 2017 - This paper considers a number of issues related to the restructuring of troubled banks in the European Union.

The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Willem Pieter De Groen | January 14, 2017 - In the chapter Banks’ Business Models in Europe, the authors examine the diversity of banks in Europe by identifying banks’ business models using a novel definition and methodology.

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Expertise and transfer

In partnership with the cooperative community, the Institute organizes knowledge transfer and training activities on the management of cooperatives.

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The Cooperatives Gateway aims to promote access, development and the sharing of knowledge on cooperatives and mutuals in the digital age.