International Research Centre on Cooperative Finance

Founded and directed by professor Rym Ayadi, the International Research Centre on Cooperative Finance (IRCCF) of HEC Montréal aims to develop independent academic and policy research and targeted analysis, adapted to different regions of the world. Its objective is to promote sustainable and inclusive financial systems worldwide, with a particular emphasis on the role of cooperative finance.

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Founding Institute

The IRCCF is the research arm of the Alphonse and Dorimène Desjardins International Institute for Cooperatives of HEC Montréal, which aims to research, understand and communicate the place and role of cooperatives in economies and societies throughout the world.

In so doing, the Institute looks to shed more light on management and governance practices, policies and actions to be taken, in order to further the understanding of the merits of corporate diversity. The Institute’s work is based upon three key pillars:

  1. Research, with the International Research Centre on Cooperative Finance (IRCCF);
  2. Expertise and transfer, with the Centre for Expertise and Knowledge Transfer on the Management of Cooperatives;
  3. Access to knowledge, with the Cooperatives Gateway (previously named International Observatory on Cooperatives). >