International Summit of Cooperatives Oliver Wyman

Time: October 6, 2014
Place: Québec City Convention Centre, Québec

As part of the second edition of the International Summit of Cooperatives, Oliver Wyman presents the study entitled Organizing for Effectiveness and Growth in Cooperative Financial Services: A Focus on the Americas, with the collaboration of the IRCCF (previously named International Observatory of Cooperatives) of HEC Montréal. The presentation is followed by a discussion panel in which the associate researcher Inmaculada Buendía Martínez from the IRCCF will participate. This study covers over 25 cooperatives in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America and underscores the key organizational and hybrid levers that cooperatives should exercise to grow. Indeed, cooperatives can perform better by addressing the following key imperatives:

  1. Being conscious and deliberate about their purpose;
  2. Creating an organizational structure empowered for growth;
  3. Optimizing governance processes;
  4. Allocating resources for growth and effectiveness;
  5. Building a high-performance, entrepreneurial management model;
  6. Aligning their human capital – their employees and managers – with the growth agenda;
  7. Attending to the importance of informal organizational activities.