ICA Almeria - New strategies for cooperatives

Time: May 24-27, 2016
Place: University of Almeria, Almeria

Emanuele Sessa, associate researcher of the IRCCF, attended the annual conference of the International Cooperative Alliance on “New strategies for cooperatives”, organized in Almeria from May 24 to May 27, 2016, in collaboration with the University of Almeria (Spain).

The aim of the conference was to bring together a wide range of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and students of cooperatives, as well as social enterprises and social economy, around the issue of understanding and managing cooperatives through the different stages of their development: creation, transition, and transformation. High-level keynote speeches from leading figures within the cooperative world introduced the delegates to the topics under discussion, which were covered in a broad variety of corresponding sessions running throughout the day. These included Prof. Johnston Birchall from the Emeritus-Stirling University (Scotland) who introduced his research work on the governance of cooperatives, Prof. Hans Groeneveld from Rabobank who presented his work on a report entitled “Doing Co-operative Business” commissioned by the International Cooperative Alliance, as well as several commentators, among whom were leading researchers on cooperatives, such as Prof. Michael Cook.

Mr. Sessa attended various sessions relevant to the research work carried out by the IRCCF and provided the team with an overview of the papers presented and the core issues discussed. The sessions he attended included several key issues relating to cooperative finance and governance (Governance and Organizational Design, Strategies, Cooperative Credit and Special Session – Cooperative Finance) and some that targeted specific issues closely connected to the work of the IRCCF (Special Session – Cooperative Education, Equality and Inclusiveness, Social Cooperatives and Social Enterprises).

More information available at programme.exordo.com/ica2016almeria/