The International Research Centre on Cooperative Finance (IRCCF) of HEC Montréal publishes research-based analyses in the field of financial services cooperatives. Our series of publications include books, studies, policy papers, working papers and commentaries.

The IRCCF papers represent the authors’ personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of the IRCCF or its staff. All documents are available for free downloading in PDF format.

Systemic Solutions to Systemic Crises. Dealing with NPLs in the Eurozone

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Giovanni Ferri, Rosa M. Lastra | July 2017 - The paper focuses on restructuring the European banking system.

Banks and environmental sustainability: Some financial stability reflections

Author : Maria J Nieto | September 27, 2017 - Links between climate change risks and financial stability.

Carving out legacy assets: a successful tool for bank restructuring? – European Parliament

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Giovanni Ferri, Rosa M. Lastra | March 2017 - This paper considers a number of issues related to the restructuring of troubled banks in the European Union.

The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Willem Pieter De Groen | January 14, 2017 - In the chapter Banks’ Business Models in Europe, the authors examine the diversity of banks in Europe by identifying banks’ business models using a novel definition and methodology.

Institutional Diversity in Banking

Author(s): Rym Ayadi | December 22, 2016 - The chapter Banks’ Business Models in Europe: Are Cooperative Banks Different? attempts to better understand the response function of each banks’ category in a crisis situation in terms of performance and risk.

The different legal and operational structures of banking groups in the euro area, and their impact on banks’ resolvability – European Parliament

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Rosa M. Lastra, Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal, Costanza Russo | December 5, 2016 - The paper assesses the impact of structures upon banks’ resolvability.

Bank business models in Europe: why does it matter for the future of regulation and resolution?

Author(s): Rym Ayadi | July 15, 2016 - This analysis can provide market participants, depositors, creditors, regulators and supervisors with a useful tool to better understand the nature of risk attached to each bank business model.

Regulatory Arbitrage in EU Banking: Do Business Models Matter?

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Giovanni Ferri, Valerio Pesic | July 15, 2016 - Do bank business models matter in risk assessment and regulation?

“Total Assets” versus “Risk Weighted Assets”: does it matter for MREL requirements? – European Parliament

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Giovanni Ferri | July 13, 2016 - Using a comprehensive sample of European banks by business model, ownership structure and systemic footprint, Pr. Rym Ayadi and Pr. Giovanni Ferri calculate MREL requirements.

Banking Business Models Monitor 2015 Europe

Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Willem Pieter De Groen, Ibtihel Sassi, Walid Mathlouthi, Harol Rey, Olivier Aubry | January 14, 2016 - The Monitor assesses the banking sector structure in light of the changing economic, legislative and supervisory environment.