Academic seminar Cooperative Banks' Business Models Analysis at HEC Montréal

Time: April 28, 2016
Place: Groupe Deschênes Room, Côte Sainte Catherine, HEC Montréal

The International Research Centre on Cooperative Finance is organising a restricted Academic Seminar at Cooperative Banks’ Business Models Analysis, and Systemic Risk and Institutional Governance.

In the wake of the world-wide financial regulatory overhaul, in response to the great financial crisis, the Business Models Analysis offers a great opportunity for academics, regulators and market participants to understand the contribution of banks and financial services cooperatives to systemic risk and the specificity of their institutional governance.

On 14 January 2016, the Banking Business Models Monitor 2015 Europe was launched at the European Parliament in Brussels. This was the first annual regional edition of the global comprehensive monitoring initiative of the business models of banks and credit unions produced by the International Research Centre on Cooperative Finance (IRCCF) at HEC Montreal. The 2015 BBMM for Europe, offers an extensive insight into 2,550 banks in the European Economic Area, which account for almost all banking assets in the region. For the 2015 analysis (using data from 2005 to 2014), more than 13,000 bank-year observations were clustered into five broad categories, i.e. investment, wholesale, diversified retail (Type I and Type II) and focused retail banks, founded on the basis of a clustering strategy that used activity and funding indicators. For the different clusters, as well as ownership structures, performance, contribution to the economy, resilience and robustness were assessed.

Currently, the IRCCF team is in the process of finalizing the same analysis for the US and Canadian banking and credit union sectors.

The IRCCF is organizing the First IRCCF Academic Seminar to discuss the methodology and first results of the BBM analysis for Europe and to explore ongoing research on systemic risks and institutional governance that could offer potential extensions to the BBM analysis.

This seminar is upon invitation only and is offered to professors and researchers who are interested in contributing to the IRCCF research.


10.00am to 10.20am – Introduction: Business Models Analysis for Cooperative Banking

Rym Ayadi, Department of International Business and IRCCF, HEC Montréal

10.20am to 12.00pm – Academic discussion: Business models in cooperative banking, systemic risk and institutional governance

François Bellavance, Department of Decision Sciences, HEC Montréal
Michele Breton, Department of Decision Sciences, HEC Montréal
Andrée Lafortune, Department of Accounting Studies, HEC Montréal
Ann Langley, Department of Management, HEC Montréal
Aude Le Cottier, Department of International Business, HEC Montréal
Jacques Lemay, Department of Finance, HEC Montréal
Jacques Robert, Department of Information Technologies, HEC Montréal
Jean Roy, Department of Finance, HEC Montréal
Bernard Sainclair-Desgagné, Department of International Business, HEC Montréal
Benoit Tremblay, Professor Emeritus, HEC Montréal

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