January 24, 2016 – Jean-Louis Courleux carried a story on the launch event of the latest study of IRCCF: Banking Business Monitor Models 2015 Europe (BBMM 2015). Held on 14 January 2016 at the European Parliament in Brussels, the event aimed to present the main results of the study, led by Rym Ayadi, along with future political and legal implications.

Courleux describes the Banking Business Models Monitor as a tool to control and prevent financial crises. Indeed, this study aims to improve the detection and prediction of systemic risk for regulators and supervisors.

Updated annually, the BBMM facilitates the continuous monitoring of business models. Courleux highlights this essential feature regarding the involvement and development of banking business models and, thus, a better understanding of bank performance.

He also emphasizes that the main results of the study which focus on the resilience of a diversified banking system compared to a system with a unique business model.

Finally, Courleux conducted a video interview with Rym Ayadi, who expands upon the results of the study, including the different types of banking business models identified and the impact on financial stability.

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