Chapter: Banks’ Business Models in Europe
Author(s): Rym Ayadi, Willem Pieter De Groen
Subject: Business models
Date published: January 14, 2017

This chapter by IRCCF Director, Professor Ayadi, and De Groen, IRCCF Associate Researcher, which expands on Ayadi et al. (Business Models in European Banking: A pre-and post-crisis screening. Brussels: Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), 2011), examines the diversity of banks in Europe by identifying banks’ business models using a novel definition and methodology. Some 147 European banks are analyzed, which accounts for more than 80 % of total assets during the period 2006–13. The results on the structural and financial attributes, the interaction with ownership structure, the extent of internationalization and the degree of migration are provided for each business model.

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