Who can apply to the IRCCF visitors program?

The International Research Centre on Cooperative Finance (IRCCF) of HEC Montréal annually hosts researchers, keen to carry out academic and policy research and whose interests relate to its research program.

The IRCCF visitors’ program is geared towards researchers at various stages in their career: from Ph.D. candidates, doctoral and early career to more established researchers.

Senior Visitors
Senior Visitors are experienced researchers with a worldwide reputation, who are hosted by the IRCCF in order to exchange and interact with researchers at the IRCCF and at HEC Montréal. They are expected to give a research seminar or a public lecture and to discuss or otherwise interact with students and interested faculty members on research topics of mutual interest.

Junior Visitors
Junior Visitors are Ph.D. candidates, Postdoctoral researchers or young professors showing the promise of research excellence in their chosen field of study, who wish to spend a period of time in Montreal to work on a research project. Junior Visitors are admitted on a competitive basis for a period of one to six months and must have independent funding.

During their stay with the IRCCF visitors’ program, Junior Visitors will work closely together with faculty and research staff from the IRCCF. They will be expected to submit a draft of their work to the IRCCF’s Scientific Board for review, to publish a working paper with the IRCCF and to write a report of their visit within one month of their departure.

Junior Visitors may also be asked to contribute to research-related functions (such as the Cooperatives Gateway, the organization of conferences, seminars, etc.).

Benefits of the IRCCF visitors program

The visitors’ program offers researchers many benefits:

  • Access to HEC Montréal library resources, to IRCCF’s databases and to the Cooperatives Gateway;
  • Access to events organized by the Centre and HEC Montréal: conferences, roundtables, etc.;
  • Work on joint research projects with the IRCCF team;
  • Opportunity to publish a working paper with the IRCCF;
  • Opportunity to present personal research work in a seminar.

Application process

Visitors please send via email to Marie-Josée Lapointe the following information in PDF format:

  • The completed application form;
  • A letter of motivation stating the reasons for the application and the desired dates of stay;
  • A curriculum vitae, and if available, a list of publications;
  • A brief summary and work plan of the research project;
  • A letter of support from the candidate’s home institution (or supervisor).

A final decision regarding visits will be reached by the Director of the IRCCF.
The deadline is June 30.

Visitor testimonials

Find out what visitors think of the IRCCF visitors’ program.

Subject: Governance and Management Control Systems in Hybrid meta-organizations – The case of French cooperative banks

Research themes:
• Organisational
• Governance of banking information systems
• Developing alliance strategies
• Management of organizational innovation

Thuy Seran

Visit: May 31 to June 16, 2016

“The International Research Centre on Cooperative Finance is a benchmark for cooperative finance researchers because of the quality of its publications and its team of experienced researchers in this field.

Research into cooperative banks has been my main interest since 2009. As a practitioner who has transferred from the business world to the area of research, I am particularly interested in the link between field study and theory. The daily exchanges around different areas of research on cooperative banks with Eric, Ibtihel, Marie-Josée, Michel, Nabila and Walid, were particularly enriching.

Concerned with organizational complexity and firmly focussed on the practical issues of situation management, Professor Benoît Tremblay has generously shared his extensive knowledge of French, European and North American banks.

With their warm welcome, Clélia, Fannie, Harol, Jorge and, Marc made my three-week stay at the IRCCF especially pleasant.

With a passion and strong will to advance the research activity, Prof. Rym Ayadi provided me with a wealth of new ideas, a fresh perspective on original thinking and inspiration.

The end of this trip is a new starting point for me. On the one hand, it has allowed me to develop new research projects by expanding the field of work to Europe and North America, and, on the other, it has enabled me to combine my qualitative research with quantitative research from the IRCCF.”

Subject: Impact of the propriety structure on market strategies and financial performance

Research themes:
• Financial institutions sector in the US
• Wine sector
• French SMEs

Additionnal information:
Direction: Philippe Autier and Patrick Sentis
Research Laboratory: Montpellier Management Research
Funding: LabEx entreprendre, axis governance, market strategy and sustainable performance

Sandra Challita propriety structure and finance

Visit: May 4 to June 5, 2015

“I was told about the IRCCF Visitors program at an event held in Brussels during the International Year of Cooperatives. I came in Quebec City in the fall of 2014 for the International Summit of Cooperatives and took advantage of this visit to meet in person with the IRCCF team with whom I was already in touch with. My visit to Montreal took shape and my thesis directors strongly encouraged me in that way.

I wanted to have access to IRCCF databases since I am interested, as part of my thesis, in stakeholders value oriented institutions such as cooperatives in comparison with shareholders value oriented institutions. I also wanted a complete immersion in the IRCCF, thus allowing me to discuss with members of the research team working on similar research topics as mine. All team members made themselves available to answer my questions. The visit allowed me to see what is going on in the IRCCF, to attend a seminar given by professors Ayadi, Ferri and Schmidt and to give me the opportunity to exchange with professor Ayadi and members of the IRCCF scientific board. These opportunities allowed me to set my ideas. I want to continue to maintain the good relationship developed with the team… maybe even with a second visit at HEC Montreal!”

Subject: Social Business and Financial Business in Microfinance Institutions: a comparative study of the models of West African countries: the case of UEMOA

Research themes:
• Microfinance
• Financial Development

Ndiouma Ndour African microfinance

Visit: October 13 to November 24, 2014

“I discovered the existence of the International Observatory on Cooperatives (newly named Cooperatives Gateway, ed) and the IRCCF’s Visitors program while doing research on the Internet. The reputation of the Cooperatives Gateway and the experience of Canada in terms of microfinance practices with the Desjardins Group made HEC Montreal the ideal target to conduct research in this area. The Visitors program was going to allow me to discover other theoretical approaches and empirical models in microfinance and financial development research.

During my stay, I carried out documentation research that led me to reinforce my knowledge in terms of microfinance practice in the countries of Asia and America and to conduct a comparative analysis with African microfinance practices. I also received training on the econometric analysis softwares R and SAS in addition to consolidating my knowledge empirically in terms of data analysis and econometric analysis.

The accessibility of the Cooperatives Gateway databases, the availability of the team members and the pragmatism in the work are strong assets of the Visitors program. My visit opened up prospects for cooperation between our universities for entrepreneurship and microfinance in West Africa. I also wish to thank the entire team and especially Pr. Tremblay.”